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Dr. Frank Roach - CEREC Omnicam Technology

Dr. Frank Roach Takes HD Video Scans of Patients’ Teeth Using CEREC Omnicam Technology

One of Atlanta’s foremost dentists, Dr. Frank Roach uses only the latest technologies and procedures to provide patient results that far exceed their expectations. He employs CEREC Omnicam technology in his offices to obtain ultra-realistic and accurate video scans of patients’ teeth and jawlines. 


Dr. Frank Roach
Dr. Frank Roach

By using the latest technologies to meet patient needs, Dr. Frank Roach stays ahead of the competition and delivers industry-leading procedures without discomfort or worry. The CEREC Omnicam, which allows him to take precise scans of patients’ teeth, helps him deliver only the most precise and long-lasting dental solutions av. 


“New technologies like the CEREC Omnicam help dentists accurately address patient’s dental health as well as provide truly tailored solutions to their unique needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “By using these technologies and materials, dentists can deliver satisfying results that patients trust will last for years.” 


Since 1998, Dr. Frank Roach has practiced dentistry using the latest development of dentistry tools and technologies available in the field. He’s always strived to provide only the most efficient and dedicated care and employs state-of-the-art procedures to accomplish it. By keeping up with tech advances, Dr. Frank Roach delivers unparalleled results that minimize pain, discomfort, and the need for additional procedures in the future.


In the two decades that Dr. Frank Roach has practiced, dentists have migrated from typical impression trays to more accurate technology like Omnicam to take patient scans. By using a powerful camera, the CEREC Omnicam can produce a comprehensive 3D video of patients’ mouths in a natural color and extremely high detail. It requires very little from patients or dentists, as it takes images quickly and comes in a sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in-hand.


Because of the powerful readings that CEREC Omnicam products deliver, a dentist can expand their treatment options to broader applications like aligner solutions and bleaching trays. In addition to being an effective tool that maximizes comfort for patients, the Omnicam also allows dentists to improve their in-office offerings. 


The tool takes thorough scans without using traditional coating or powder, which is far more comfortable to the patient and saves dentists an extra work step. And because it’s so ergonomic and compact in design, the Omnicam makes the difficult process of scanning posterior teeth a lot easier and allows dentists to get 3D readings of upper and lower jaws without adjusting their natural working posture. 


Each Omnicam product comes with a “guided scanning” feature that takes digital impressions of the entire jaw quickly. The device is user-friendly, and the simple handling means impressions can be taken by assistants if needed.


“It’s a truly unique product that revolutionized how dentists take impressions of patients’ teeth as well as the time it takes to deliver tailored solutions,” says Dr. Frank Roach.

Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta -“All-on-Four” Dental Implants

Dr. Frank Roach is Pleased to Offer “All-on-Four” Dental Implants to Patients in the Atlanta Area

Frank Roach

Since 1998, Dr. Frank Roach has delivered superb dentistry to his patients in Atlanta, Georgia using only the latest in technology and dental procedures. Dedicated to offering the best and most reliable products on the market, he is pleased to offer patients the revolutionary “All-on-Four” procedure.

In the 20 years that Dr. Frank Roach has practiced dentistry, he’s witnessed many upgrades in technology and dental health that provide more practical, long-lasting solutions for patients. He takes great pride in providing the best care possible and employs only the most sophisticated procedures and tech advances in his practice.

“The ‘All-on-Four’ procedure designed to restore patients’ full dentition (teeth) and allow them to throw away their dentures and partials,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “We have yet to have a patient that didn’t think this was a life-changing procedure and the best decision they could have made for their mouth.”

While this unique style of dental implant is reliable enough to last for many years, the procedure itself isn’t very complicated and can be performed in a single day without the need for extensive recovery or downtime. Patients are able to eat that same day after their surgery.

Patients who are ineligible for implant procedures because of bone loss are typically excellent candidates for the “All-on-four” procedure. The technique utilizes bone that almost all patients have by placing the implants in unique positions. It’s also an option for those patients who have poorly-fitting dentures, who are missing teeth, or who have periodontal disease. The procedure is a graft less solution and delivers a fixed full-arch prosthesis after surgery using titanium implants that will last for a lifetime.

Frank RoachDr. Frank Roach first takes a 3D scan of patients’ teeth and jawbones using the Sirona Galileos 3D pan which provides him with precise measurements of the bone. This will allow him to place the implants in the exact location he needs capturing as much bone for support as possible.

“Patients who experience pain and discomfort from false or missing teeth can find real, lasting relief with the ‘All-on-four’ procedure,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “At the end of the day, patients can rest easier knowing they’re free of root canals, broken crowns/bridges, dentures, and partials.”

The “All-on-four” implant procedure uses only four strategically placed implants, which is a better solution than the traditional six to eight implants of other common implant procedures. The result is a comfortable, natural-looking set of teeth secured by long-lasting titanium implants. From the procedure, patients will boost their self-esteem and find real relief from a range of dental discomfort causes. In addition, patients are cleared for release and use of their new implants on the day of the procedure.

“Contrary to popular belief, the ‘All-on-four’ procedure is affordable to most patients in need of dental implants, and it’s a one-stop solution for so many of their dental needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “And shortly after it is completed, patients are free to go on about their day with a new, amazing set of teeth. They are always amazed at how beautiful and natural their teeth look.”

Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta - 3D Imaging to Obtain Accurate Patient Scans

Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Uses 3D Imaging to Obtain Accurate Patient Scans

One of the premiere dentists of Atlanta, GA, Dr. Frank Roach employs sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art procedures to deliver results that far exceed patient expectations. Accordingly, he uses 3D imaging to obtain the most accurate and convenient scans of patients’ teeth and jawlines. 


Dr. Frank Roach
Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach is an experienced dentist in Atlanta, GA who has spent years providing local and visiting patients with long-lasting solutions to their dental needs.


One of the ways he’s able to provide the first-class dental care he’s developed a reputation for is by consistently employing breakthrough technologies and procedures in his offices. 


“Technology is advancing quickly and giving dentists more convenient and accurate ways of meeting patient needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta.


“3D imaging allows us to obtain three-dimensional impressions of patients’ bone/teeth/surrounding structures.”


3D diagnostic technology goes beyond digital X-rays and standard film to provide comprehensive scans with far more accurate readings than ever before.


This allows dentists to more properly diagnose dental concerns and provide tailored solutions. 


Dr. Frank Roach is able to place implants with highly accurate precision in most cases without costly surgical guides saving his patients hundreds of dollars.


Dr. Frank Roach Xray 3
Dr. Frank Roach Xray 3


Many patients worry over the harm imparted by radiation during traditional X-ray scans. 


3D technology completely eliminates the need for X-ray devices altogether. Using panoramic imaging, dentists acquire computer-generated scans to provide comprehensive solutions. 


Because the technology is so precise, dentists can pick up on serious health concerns earlier on and provide adequate answers in a timely manner.


This allows them to develop a quicker plan of action to salvage what can be salvaged as well as determine supplemental solutions fast. 


Dr. Frank Roach Xray 1
Dr. Frank Roach Xray 1


“3D scans don’t require the bulky hardware dentists relied on in the past, which often took up significant portions of office space.  We don’t have those old fashion wall mounted swing arm units,” says Frank Roach of Atlanta.


“Because of this, today’s scans are more cost-effective for dentists, and ultimately more cost-effective for patients, too.” 


Because the new 3D technology empowers dentists to take quick and accurate readings, patients also get a faster and more thorough insight into their dental health.


Patients can better understand how their unique issues have come into play and see exactly where the problems stem from in real-time––without having to wait until a follow-up appointment to view results. 


Using computers to view and store patient scans, dentists can share insightful data with patients’ general practitioners who can more ably keep track of any procedures needed, medications prescribed, billing statements issued and more. 


Dr. Frank Roach Xray 2
Dr. Frank Roach Xray 2


“Another major problem X-rays and scanning procedures of the past caused patients was claustrophobia, whether from the tight rooms where scanning devices were kept or the cramped devices themselves,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta.


“This new technology allows us to take pictures in an open environment where comfort is never a concern.” 


By using 3D technology, Frank Roach sticks to his ideal to offer patients the most intuitive and sophisticated care for their dental health while considering their comfort as a top priority.

Dr. Frank Roach - Whitening Treatments

Dr. Frank Roach Offers Industry-Leading GLO Whitening Treatments to Atlanta Patients

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta
A seasoned dentist in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Frank Roach has spent decades providing state of the art solutions to meet his patient’s varying oral care needs. Striving to offer only the most effective whitening solutions, he provides industry-leading GLO teeth-whitening treatments from his offices.

Dr. Frank Roach stays at the cutting edge of tech advances in the dental hygiene field to ensure his patients receive top-quality care for their teeth. He’s seasoned in breakthrough dental implants and revolutionary office tools such as the Omnicam, which delivers 3D models of patients’ teeth and eliminates the need for impression trays. When delivering the best results for a patient the best results possible, most patients require a teeth whitening procedure.

To deliver the most specialized, efficient, and convenient teeth-whitening solutions for his patients, Dr. Frank Roach offers GLO treatments at his Atlanta offices.

“The GLO series of teeth-whitening kits and solutions act faster than typical over-the-counter kits and provides outstanding results,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “The treatments require very little from users and almost always there is no discomfort.”

Dr. Frank Roach AtlantaThrough GLO, Dr. Frank Roach helps his patients control the shade of their teeth whitening so that results never look unnatural or blotchy. Between a series of liquid solutions and the advanced GLO device, patients can reveal whiter, healthier teeth in minutes.

The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is a Class 1 Medical Device and has been registered with the FDA, so users know they’re getting a quality, safe product that has undergone thorough testing.

The GLO Vial whitening gel used in treatment is 6% hydrogen peroxide, which is equivalent to 18% carbamide peroxide and leaves out the harmful breakdown byproducts. The hydrogen peroxide solution dissolves safely into oxygen and water as it evaporates in the mouth during treatments. Certified and experienced dentists such as Dr. Frank Roach may offer higher concentrations of GLO whitening gel depending on each specific case and desired results.

The GLO brand has even created offshoots of their own product to meet diverse needs and deliver easy, user-friendly applications that can be performed at home or in a dentist’s office. The latest in the line, GLO Lit, is the next generation of GLO Brilliant, which is the brand’s original teeth whitening device. Both devices use the same patented teeth whitening light & heat acceleration technology, mouthpiece, and GLO Vial whitening gel. However, GLO Lit adds a new Bluetooth-enabled Power Pack that pairs with the GLO Whitening App so users can control the process right from their smartphones.

“Whether they want to perform teeth whitening at home or in-office, GLO offers a fitting kit that’s as user-friendly as it is effective at revealing brilliant teeth,” says Dr. Frank Roach.

Since 1998, Dr. Frank Roach has delivered the most dedicated dental care and tech-savvy solutions in Georgia. Employing only the latest breakthroughs in dentistry, he exceeds patient expectations and helps them take back control of their oral health with ease.

Dr. Frank Roach- Top Implant Procedures on the Market

Dr. Frank Roach Employs BioHorizons, One of the Top Implant Procedures on the Market

Dr. Frank Roach is an experienced dentist with over two decades of professional practice using the latest technological advancements available to the industry. To ensure his clients receive only the most effective procedures and products on the market, he uses BioHorizon implants.


Dr. Frank Roach
Dr. Frank Roach

Since 1998, Dr. Frank Roach has delivered dedicated dental care and practical solutions for clients in his Atlanta offices. He strives to employ only the latest breakthroughs in dentistry so his patients receive satisfying results without discomfort or worry over unsuccessful procedures. By keeping up with tech advances, Dr. Frank Roach exceeds expectations and delivers unparalleled results again and again.


“Technology has come a long way in a short time, affecting everything from our materials and procedures to our scanning systems,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “This allows dentists to provide long-lasting solutions and treat teeth thoroughly without discomfort for the patient.”


At his offices, Dr. Frank Roach uses high tech like the CEREC Omnicam, which takes precise 3D scans in minutes without the need for molds. Being that he only wants the best, Dr. Frank Roach chose Biohorizons after trying many different implant systems.


BioHorizons is dedicated to the ultimate customer service as well as efficiency and the pursuit of excellence and integrity. Following suit, their product is an innovative solution to implants and tissue regeneration products. Dedicated to their commitment to excellence, all the products they offer are based solely on evidence-based, scientifically-proven solutions.


The company has roots all the way back to 1994 when the original Maestro implant design (that’s now become famous) was first created in the biomedical engineering department at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Since then, the company has consistently applied biomedical engineering to a variety of product innovations. Today, BioHorizons is the proud owner of 24 unique patent awards, delivering a range of unparalleled dentistry products.


As for materials, all BioHorizons implants are made from ultra-durable titanium alloy, which is measured at 1.5 to 3.5 times stronger than pure titanium implants common at other companies. This upgrade in durability ultimately affects the long-term success of an implant, and it is especially useful for small diameter implants which are more prone to cracking, chipping, or breaking.


Dr. Frank Roach employs BioHorizons implants because of their strength as well as the unique fit of their sizes. The various parts they produce feature tight machine tolerances which ensures that dentists provide a positive surgical & restorative experience. In addition, each of the BioHorizon products (implants and prosthetics) are color-coded and are easily identifiable dentists. This makes it easier to determine implant types already inside the mouth of in-office patients.


“It’s revolutionary what BioHorizons has created, and their products are an incredible help to both patients and me in terms of ease, comfort, and durability,” says Dr. Frank Roach.

Dr. Frank Roach Provides “All-on-Four” procedure to Give Patients a Smile That Lasts a Lifetime

Dr. Frank Roach is recognized for his superb dentistry, his genuine concern for his patients’ well-being, and his focus on using the latest tech in the industry. In line with these beliefs, he provides the revolutionary “All-on-Four” procedure to restore patients’ confidence and give them a lasting set of permanent teeth.

Dr. Frank Roach has practiced dentistry since 1998 and has kept up with evolving trends in technology to provide his patients the best care available. He’s avid about using only the most sophisticated and effective tools in the industry, and provides All-on-Four as a practical solution for many of his patients’ needs. Most patients don’t want to take dentures in and out every day. After the procedure, they have the perfect smile.

“The All-on-Four procedure is a one day appointment and patients don’t feel any discomfort because they’re under general anesthesia during it,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “It’s a great solution that never fails to exceed patient expectations, both immediately and years later. Each case is methodically designed to produce the perfect smile.”

Procedures can be completed in a single day so that patients can go on about their lives without extensive downtime or recovery. It’s an excellent option for patients with missing teeth, those who have poorly-fitting dentures, and those who have periodontal disease. Certain patients who face limited options due to bone loss may actually be ideal candidates for All-on-Four implants. Even patients who think their mouths are hopeless often find they are excellent candidates.

As a graftless solution, the procedure provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis post-surgery using titanium implants that will last a lifetime. Dentists like Dr. Frank Roach first invite patients in for a quick scan (in his case, using state-of-the-art machinery like the CEREC Omnicam) to get precise measurements and placement for the implants. The procedure is quick and painless, and Dr. Frank Roach will administer pain reliever while patients are under so that they experience complete comfort when waking.

“It’s a revolutionary procedure that allows dentists to relieve a lot of everyday pain, discomfort, and burden from false or missing teeth,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “And the quality material ensures that patients never have to worry about their new teeth shifting or falling into disrepair over time. It is truly a game changer for so many patients.”

By getting this procedure, patients receive a lifelong solution that looks and feels natural. The fixed full-arch prosthesis functions with ease and is cleared for use the next day after completing the procedure. While producing dramatic results that boost self-esteem and provide real relief, the All-on-Four procedure is also one of the quickest dental solutions to getting the perfect smile. Traditional alternatives include dental implants with six to ten attachments, compared to the four strong implants of All-on-Four.

“I highly recommend All-on-Four procedures to my clients as they tend to be the most affordable and most appropriate solution to many of their needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “Because it’s such a quick, painless process, there’s really not much more you could ask of a single procedure.”

Dr. Frank Roach Employs the CEREC Omnicam In-office for 3D Scans

Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach strives to offer his patients only the latest in technological breakthroughs that deliver thorough and satisfying results without discomfort. Stocking his offices with devices like the CEREC Omnicam, which allows him to take precise 3D scans, Dr. Frank Roach more accurately addresses dental health and provides tailored solutions.

Dr. Frank Roach has been a practicing dentist since 1998, allowing him to work alongside the growing number of dentistry technology and determine the most useful devices. He’s dedicated to providing the best care to his patients by implementing only the top techniques, materials, staff, and technology available. By staying at the forefront of tech advances, Dr. Frank Roach exceed expectations and delivers unparalleled results.

“Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years since I’ve practiced dentistry,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “We aren’t restricted to X-ray devices and models anymore and can employ more accurate technology like the CEREC Omnicam to get precise readings.”
Dr. Frank Roach
The CEREC Omnicam offers powder-free scanning of patients’ jawlines to produce precise 3D scans in natural color. The Omnicam device offers unrivaled handling thanks to its sleek design and lightweight, as well as an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in-hand. The scanning process is easier and more intuitive than ever and allows dentists to scan teeth with sophisticated CEREC software to expand the treatments spectrum to broader applications (such as aligner treatment).

The device allows dentists to take coating- and powder-free scans of patients’ teeth, which is ultimately far more comfortable to the patient and saves professionals an extra work step. Instead of relying on a traditional impression trays, the CEREC Omnicam uses a powerful camera to map out comprehensive 3D scans in color.

Not only more comfortable for the patient, health professionals such as Dr. Frank Roach benefit from the ergonomic and compact design of the Omnicam. The unique camera makes the difficult process of scanning posterior teeth easy and quick and allows dentists to scan upper and lower jaws without adjusting their natural working posture–regardless if the patient sits upright or reclines. Dr. Frank Roach

“Before the Omnicam, dentists required patients to bite down on impression trays,” says Dr. Frank Roach, “but today performing scans is as easy as shining a light into a patient’s mouth. The process is seamless and doesn’t require anything extraneous from dentists or patients.”

CEREC Omnicam allows informative scanning with a pass of the device’s camera, which pairs up with the accompanying CEREC software to automate the designing process and make it more precise. The “guided scanning” feature makes digital impressions of the entire jaw quickly. The entire process is user-friendly, and the simple handling means impressions can be performed by an assistant if needed.

“The engineers at CEREC have a created a highly-efficient and compact product that benefits everyone involved,” says Dr. Frank Roach, “professionals and patients alike.”