Can a Vasectomy Help With Premature Ejaculation?

can a vasectomy help with premature ejaculation

Vasectomy is a type of birth control that prevents sperm from leaving the body. It’s an outpatient procedure that takes about 20-30 minutes. The recovery time is relatively short, and most patients are back at work the same day. During the first few days of recovery, some men report experiencing slight aching in the testicles during sexual arousal. The aches will subside in the weeks following the surgery.

During the first few weeks, some people experience mild swelling, bruising, and pain. However, most vasectomy patients do not experience any serious problems with their sex drive. Some even claim that their sexual desires have increased since having a vasectomy.

After the procedure, you’ll have a protective undergarment placed on your scrotum. This can prevent any painful pressure on the incisions. Your urologist will check your wounds for healing. If they’re not healed, you’ll need to continue to avoid sex until they’re healed. It’s also important to wait at least a week before performing any masturbation. If you haven’t had a vasectomy, you can resume sex after a week if the incisions are healed.

After a vasectomy, you’ll need to use birth control for about three months. During this time, your doctor will do a semen analysis, which is a measurement of the sperm count in your semen. If your sperm count is lower than normal, you’ll be given a medication at no extra cost. If it’s higher than usual, you’ll need to switch to another type of birth control until it’s confirmed.

Most men can return to regular activities within a week of having a vasectomy. However, you may have to wait longer if you have symptoms. Some people experience pain or swelling after a vasectomy, which can last for a few weeks. If you have any symptoms that persist after a couple of weeks, talk to your doctor. It could be a symptom of post-vasectomy nerve syndrome.

Many people worry that a vasectomy will affect their sex drive. This is actually not the case. In fact, a recent study from Stanford University and Frankfurt University found that vasectomies can actually increase sex drives. It’s important to remember that the number of sperm in your ejaculate has no bearing on your sex drive.

The sperm count will be checked again at six weeks. During this time, your urologist will check your semen for any sperm still present. If they’re still present, you’ll need to continue using other types of birth control. If it’s not, you’ll be free to engage in sex after a few months.

You should start using birth control again after about three months. You can begin using IUDs, condoms, and other forms of contraception until your semen are sperm-free. This is a very effective form of birth control. You’ll need to wear the contraceptive during sex.

It’s important to understand that your sex drive won’t change after having a vasectomy. You’ll still be able to reach orgasm during sex, but you’ll have to wait until your semen are checked again.

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