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Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta Discusses Several Ways Veneers Can Improve Your Smile and Your Life

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta discusses the many ways veneers can improve your smile and your quality of life.

First impressions are important, and a major part of most first impressions is a person’s smile. Discolored, chipped, missing, or asymmetrical teeth can have a major affect on the way you smile as well as your confidence when doing so. Thankfully, expert dentists like Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta can correct any smile in a single appointment with veneers.

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta explains that veneers are a cosmetic smile treatment that can be placed over current teeth in one short and simple appointment. First, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta will assess your teeth to see if any other treatments, such as orthodontics or crowns, are required. Fitting candidates for veneers will then undergo the simple process of installing veneers, which involves roughening the surface of the teeth and using state-of-the-art technology to customize the porcelain veneers which will fit over your existing teeth. The process is virtually painless and minimally invasive.

“Veneers are easy to apply, and they can instantly fix smile imperfections,” Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta says. “Whether they’re imperfections you were born with or have acquired over time, they can all be easily eliminated with the use of quality veneers.”

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta states that veneers can improve your smile by fixing discoloring, straightening the appearance of your smile, concealing crooked teeth, filling unwanted gaps, and more. Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta adds that veneers can improve the shape of your teeth, whether your teeth are small, asymmetrical, or simply an abnormal shape. Veneers can hide all of these imperfections to make your smile one that is guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression and improve your overall confidence.

“Improving your smile can improve your life,” Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta says. “Our patients are wowed at how much more confident they feel when they leave our office with their new veneers.”

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta explains that many of his patients look up to 10 years younger once veneers are applied. In addition to feeling more attractive, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta states his veneer patients are more apt to smile more often. He explains that many of his patients used to hide their smiles to conceal imperfect or discolored teeth. Now, they smile at others, for photos, and as much as possible.

“Being confident in your smile means bringing confidence into your life in numerous ways,” Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta says. “We pride ourselves on giving people the opportunity to create positive first impressions. Many times, this confidence leads our patients to new opportunities, whether it be a new job, a new relationship, or a variety of other instances. This is work we’re proud to do.”

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