Insomnia Doctor Schaumburg IL

If you have ever had difficulty falling asleep at night or you found it difficult to stay asleep, then you might be one of the many people who have had insomnia. Stress, which we all face, is one of the most common causes of insomnia. I’ve discovered that so many people suffer from this sleep problem, which has many more causes like anxiety, depression, loss of a loved one or a job, bad habits, pain or discomfort, noise, bad habits, etc.

You might have noticed that when you don’t have a good night’s sleep, the following day suffers for it. During the day, you have difficulty concentrating on your work, you feel sleepy, and you are grumpy. If these symptoms continue for too long, it might result in complications, so it is advisable to seek treatment from an insomnia doctor early.

If you can have any form of sleeping difficulty, you can go to an insomnia doctor in Schaumburg, IL, who can treat you. Contact Horizon Medical Center to schedule your first consultation: (847) 490-0600.

When you visit Horizontal Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL, the Insomnia doctor will first perform a physical examination on you and ask you questions concerning your medical history and sleep history. The Schaumburg insomnia doctor may also tell you to keep track of your sleeping pattern to monitor it better.

There are different treatment options for insomnia, depending on your symptoms. If your insomnia has only been going on for a short time, and insomnia physician in Schaumburg, IL, may decide to prescribe medication that will induce sleep, which we all know as “sleeping pills.” However, insomnia doctors advise us that we should not use over-the-counter sleeping pills because they might have side effects.

Also, a Schaumburg IL insomnia doctor might suggest Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-I) instead of sleeping pills, especially if your insomnia has been going on for a long time. CBT-I can help you develop good sleeping habits and also help you to avoid behaviors that can affect your sleep.

One of the CBT-I techniques your insomnia doctor might recommend is the Stimulus Control therapy, which trains you to have a consistent bedtime and use the bed for only bed-related activities. This therapy will help you remove factors that make your mind resist sleep. Another CBT-I technique that your family doctor in Schaumburg may recommend is the Relaxation technique. Here, you are to do breathing exercises and muscle relaxation exercises at bedtime to reduce anxiety and help you relax.

Improving your sleep environment is also a strategy that an insomnia doctor in Schaumburg, IL, might recommend. You can create a good and comfortable sleep environment by keeping your room dark and quiet, etc. Other CBT-I techniques include sleep restriction, light therapy, remaining passively awake, biofeedback, etc.

Insomnia doctors at Horizontal Medical Center are doctors you can go to for quality and appropriate care for your insomnia. They treat you like family and are always ready to listen to whatever complaints you have. They are always there to help you.

To get the best insomnia treatment in Schaumburg, IL, contact Horizon Medical Center to schedule your first consultation: (847) 490-0600.

Insomnia Doctor Schaumburg IL