Karl Storz Image 1 HD

Karl Storz Image 1 HD

Karl Storz is one of the biggest names in endoscopy equipment, and they have been around since 1945. The German manufacturer of medical devices has grown exponentially to become one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of medical technology solutions.

They are best known as premium endoscopes and other high-quality surgical equipment makers. Their newest product, the Image 1 HD, claims to be the most advanced medical-grade inspection camera on the market and the ultimate in picture quality with unparalleled clarity and resolution. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary product and how it works!

The Features of Karl Storz Image 1 HD

The KARL STORZ FULL HD Imaging System is founded on the IMAGE 1 HUB HD family. Thanks to its 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and progressive scanning method, the camera control unit (CCU) guarantees an interference-free image and a natural, precise image reproduction. This development of endoscopic imaging marks a new milestone in terms of speed and patient safety.

How Does It Work?

The STORZ Communication Bus (SCB) is incorporated into the IMAGE 1 camera control units. A unique feature of the control unit is that it can be synced with other KARL STORZ devices to create a highly connected endoscopic surgery system controlled by a central touch screen or buttons on the camera head.

In addition to providing the surgeon with status information, such as light intensity and flow, the monitor also offers quick access to crucial control functions. With all device controls in one hand, you can control both light sources and insufflators.

In the future, additional connectivity options can be installed through an optional slot concept. One example is dual SDI outputs to transmit video data over long distances.

How Can Surgeons Benefit From These Products?

By controlling device functions such as light sources directly from the HD camera head, the Image 1 HD platform gives surgeons unrivaled control over their devices. Surgeons can now start, stop, or change device settings at their convenience without relying on assistance with Image 1 HD.

By providing optimum clarity, color contrast, and depth perception in Image 1 FULL HD, laparoscopic surgeons can distinguish between anatomical planes with superior visualization. This makes it easier to identify suspect tissue and recognize landmarks.

You can simultaneously connect various printers and USB mass storage devices to the CCU’s front and rear USB ports, making IMAGE 1 an integrated documentation and printing solution.

Image 1 HD is forward and backward compatible since it is not a standalone product. Therefore, you can upgrade it instead of being replaced whenever technology changes. The new Image 1 HD CCUs allow existing standard-definition camera heads and video scopes, simplifying the transition to HD. With Image 1 HD, you get a lower cost of ownership year after year.

The Karl Storz is an excellent scope for endoscopy; it’s extremely easy to use and provides excellent optics. The Image 1 HD has many features that higher-end scopes have, and it’s simple to use and provides good images.

Karl Storz Image 1 HD