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Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta Compares Porcelain and Resin-Based Composite Veneers

Dental veneers can quickly transform a smile. They can hide uneven teeth as well as those that are discolored or chipped. For many, hiding these imperfections can drastically transform their appearance and their self-esteem. Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta explained that dentists typically use two types of veneers and outlined the differences between the two. “There […]

Dentist Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta Explains The Field’s Most Common Area of Practice, Centered Around Preventive And Restorative Care

Focused on preventive and restorative services intended to promote optimum oral health, general dentists make up more than two-thirds of the profession. A popular dentist based in the so-called Peach State of Georgia, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta explains more about the field. “Often I’m asked, ‘What is general dentistry?’” says Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta, speaking […]

Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach Explains Why GLO Whitening Treatments Are a Cut Above the Rest

Esteemed Atlanta-based dentist Dr. Frank Roach has demonstrated a dedication to state-of-the-art procedures and optimal patient care for decades. His offices stay at the cutting edge of technology and deliver tailored, long-lasting solutions to a variety of patient needs. From specialized teeth cleanings to permanent surgical procedures, Dr. Roach connects his patients with top resources […]