Treatment Centers In Orange County

Northbound has been rescuing lives and rehabilitating families from substance abuse for several years. Our mental health and substance use experts have created the most trusted and comprehensive continuum of care in the field, which includes inpatient and outpatient rehab programs with integrated services for co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders to provide you with the right level of care to meet your specific needs as you recover. We can fulfill a wide range of needs at our treatment center. Our patients recover in a beautiful, serene country setting conducive to healing.

We Have the Expertise You Need

Each patient at Northbound is assigned a highly trained, multidisciplinary care team. Our inpatient programs have on-site medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and addiction professionals who work together to review and change each individual's treatment plan regularly. In addition, your healthcare providers will work together to ensure the greatest possible treatment outcomes. Patients can also speak with our nutritionists, wellness counselors, and spiritual care staff. As one of the top treatment centers in Orange County, our employees are certified in the fields in which they work.

All of our co-occurring disorder treatment practitioners have the necessary experience, education, and ongoing training to offer expert care. Our experts use evidence-based techniques and therapies. Group or individual therapy, diagnostic examinations, family therapy, and medication management are all common components of dual diagnosis addiction treatment. All mental health specialists at Northbound are licensed and credentialed.

Clinical Excellence

Northbound is dedicated to offering clinically superior services that combine time-tested procedures with research-backed methodologies. Multidisciplinary teams of skilled experts care for patients, bringing great expertise and knowledge to the therapy process. From creating a patient's tailored treatment plan to discharge, these specialists assess and evaluate each patient's progress to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

The issues you face may be complicated, and your journey to recovery may be difficult. Still, you can be confident that at Northbound, you will be working with skilled clinicians who are committed to assisting you in overcoming those obstacles and making vital gains along that path.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are situations in which two or more illnesses affect the same person simultaneously. These can happen at the same time or one after the other. The interactions between the illnesses might aggravate the conditions, which is why co-occurring disorder treatment is crucial in our co-occurring addiction treatment center. According to research, those who experience trauma and/or substance abuse are more prone to experience anxiety and mood problems, and vice versa. We discovered that substance use could begin as an attempt to manage symptoms caused by these problems.

Our therapeutic experts are licensed in mental health and addiction. Our staff conducts a full examination to understand each individual's difficulties to develop a unique treatment plan that meets mental health and drug use requirements. Addressing co-occurring illnesses, substance use disorders, and unresolved trauma increases the possibility of symptom reduction and long-term recovery.

Contact us today to speak with a recovery specialist about Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders, why we are one of the top co-occurring addiction treatment centers in Orange County, and the right treatment option that is available to you.

Treatment Centers In Orange County

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Treatment Centers In Orange County

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